Guess who’s taking up yoga again?!


Some channelings are very frou frou spouting how the GFOL is coming to save us but while researching for info to the grand cross i kept coming upon this same one over and over. It really resonated with me. I think the very interesting parts are ionization which i keep seeing the word “ion”…


for real though, personal posts get a bad rap

like i will see people apologize for making a lot of them and i’m just


a) it’s YOUR blog, you can recite the greek alphabet one post at a time if you really want to

b) you don’t owe your followers shit

c) personal posts are fucking interesting, man. if i am following a blog i am okay! with knowing about the person behind that blog! nobody’s gonna begrudge you having a life outside the intermajig and talking about it.

I think the only way to avoid going crazy is to get your story straight, and perhaps the only way you can get the story straight is to allow yourself in some sense to go mad. It is also true for mad men and mad women that everything is significant. Paranoids and schizophrenics and depressives deal with the world as if every falling leaf had - well, they take the world personally. That’s almost by definition a mad person. And I guess an artist has to do the same thing.
― Russell Banks in Casting America’s Outcasts: A Dialogue between Russell Banks and Loïc Wacquant (via k-airosclerosi-s)
I can love you in ways that is rarely expressed in humanity.
Awakened Vibrations (via awakenedvibrations)